Commercial Locksmith Chicago IL

Your business is highly at risk if proper precautionary measures are not taken. Having a high security system in place is one part of the problem solved and maintaining all your business assets is where you need to focus on. We help you by providing the latest high end security for your business with Professionalism and cost effective solutions. If you are in need of a reliable, trustworthy and expert Commercial Locksmith in Chicago IL call us and we will be available promptly.

Your business is our business too and we value and respect your business safety whether you are a small commercial establishment or a large corporation. We specialize in providing world class high tech lock installation and repair solutions for your business. We will assess and recommend viable and cost effective options for highest security be it safes installation or access entry or keyless entry.

Check out some of our Commercial Locksmith services we offer in Chicago IL :

  • Security camera, CCTV and surveillance camera

Be it your office building, parking area or warehouse we offer the most secure Security camera, CCTV and surveillance camera systems helping you monitor not only office spaces but also your most important cash registers as well. Monitor what is going on in and around your office and business establishment to prevent undesirable activities. We are here to provide you that safe environment. Our security system is a combination of latest high end technology with high resolution, weather proof and vandal proof.

  • Intercom installation and repair

Allowing unauthorized visitors is potentially dangerous and unsafe for you and your business assets including staff members, equipment and properties. A receptionist may not be available all the time and installing an electronic door security system will prove safer. It can be audio, video or even with electronic lock for employee access using swipe cards. We provide such services by installing intercom and repair if need be with expertise and efficiency.

  • Safes installation and repair

It is sensible to have invaluable documents, cash, confidential material etc. in a highly secure and safe place which is inaccessible by anyone else except for authorized people. We provide Safes installation and repair with absolutely no compromise to your business what so ever.

  • Unlock safes

Have you lost the key or misplaced or with someone who is not accessible and it is an emergency situation to have access to your safes – we will be right on the spot to assist you in unlocking safes and repair if required.

  • High security locks installation

We always use only top-notch locks for total security and take your security to the next level by installing High security locks. If you have already purchased your locks, we will install them for you with utmost care and efficiency else we can recommend high quality locks for you.

  • Access Control & Key-less entry system

Eliminate high risk and troublesome responsibility of mechanical keys by installing access control and key-less entry system which is a high end solution for your business security needs. We will create an indispensable secure environment for your business. Equipped with the latest tools and expertise we guarantee the best key-less entry system in Chicago IL.

  • Re-keying

Sometimes replacing entire lock systems may not be possible and re-keying is a cost effective solution for this. We help you by re-keying all your locks wherein you can access all locks using just one key for convenience. Get expert advice from us before you plan on re-keying your locks.

  • Cabinets lock installation

Locking all your important cabinets is a safe way to ensure important files and folders are intact and not misplaced, lost or stolen. We will provide cabinets lock installation for maximum security.

  • Duplicate key

Having more than the existing number of keys is important for easy access and control. Authorized person can have access when needed. We use world class tools and expertise to give you duplicate keys that look and work exactly like the original.

We pride ourselves in offering great customer service that is prompt and dependable. We are reputed for our quality and cost effective security solutions as we also offer you customized solutions. Call us, discuss your business security needs with us and we will recommend the best economically feasible Commercial Locksmith solutions in Chicago IL.


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